Over 50 Yoga

Come oil your joints; keep your spine flexible; build bone density, heart health and balance--and have fun at the same time!  We will do gentle yoga poses, yogic breathing, and deep relaxation.  Classes are always individualized, so you are welcome whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi.  Yoga can work magic for people of all ages, skill levels, and body types.

Healthy Bones and Balance

This class invites you to a healthy, fun time of low impact exercise designed to build bones and muscles by using light weights, bands and balls.  All of the movements are done in a chair or with the support of a chair.  This is a wheelchair friendly program. 

Chair Yoga

All stretches in this class are done on a chair or with the support of a chair.  The classes offer a good stretch and strengthening for muscles, oiling for joints--and fun!!  

 People of all skill levels are welcome,  including folks in wheelchairs.