I took my first yoga class with Jean almost 40 years ago while an undergraduate.  I was delighted to find Jean still teaching when I returned to her area.  Jean is gentle and kind with a warm sense of humor.  Her knowledge of yoga is outstanding, her classes are safe and gentle.  She has my highest recommendation.
Wendy Chabot, M.D.

I have practiced yoga with Jean Erlbaum for the past 25 years and have consistently felt physically and spiritually strengthened under her guidance. She is clearly knowledgeable about the human body and the yoga poses that build strength, well-being and relaxation.  The quality that sets Jean apart from other yoga teachers is her sensitivity and respect for her students’ physical limits, always urging us to listen well to our bodies. Also, Jeanie has a speaking voice that induces a deep sense of inner peace.
Burl Muten, teacher and author

Jean Erlbaum is a gifted teacher, who teaches from the heart.  Her teaching provides an experience of yoga from the inside out, as she is always making her students aware that it is not “how it looks,” but if a posture is “delicious” for your body.  She is a sensitive and intuitive master of yoga.  Her classes are inspiring and fun!
Lynne Schachne, Social Worker

I leave Jeanie’s yoga and meditation classes feeling all that I had hoped for: calmer, more relaxed and peaceful, more connected to my body, mind and spirit.  She is an excellent teacher, bringing years of knowledge, expertise and wisdom as she fluidly guides classes.  
Dale Schwarz, Art Therapist and Co-Director of the Center for Creative Consciousness